The pond that Bill Built..... continued.

And it sounds and feels like a mountain stream
in Colorado.... tastes like wild hickory nuts....

Ahhh... this is heaven.....

But water has a way of going down
but flowing UP hill it has a problem.  How
does that happen?

The creator used an idea he borrowed
from a guy named Edison.  This guy
made a "shocking" discovery a
loonnnggg time ago.
He made these things called electric
motors.  Well, maybe HE didn't, but
they couldn't have been made without
"his" electricity.
And it was like magic, the water just
went up and flowed down, up and flowed
down.  The water never stopped  (until
the ice storm this winter cut the power off).
And it was if there was a never ending supply
of water.
An Artisan well!

Wow!  How did he do that?

The End.

 Now for the technical information........